Paula Labaredas told me off on Twitter the other day, which prompted me to Google Paula Labaredas to try and figure out why I was being told off. Sure, I called her a worthless cunt first, but that doesn’t mean I actually knew she was a worthless cunt. 

Well, it turns out that she’s pretty much a nobody, she’s old as fuck, yet she poses half-naked with her big ass like a hooker, because she’s trying to get famous.

She’s not American, yet she is milking America, in an American-themed shoot, because it will trick American men into jerking off to her and helping her increase her low as fuck level of celebrity.

I mean, unless you consider being cast as “The Stripper” in a movie called “The Turn” a high as fuck level of celebrity. I mean, she probably deserves an Oscar for her performance, but that’s only because the Oscars are staged shit that celebrate talentless puppets every year.

But maybe her ass deserves an award too…if you consider being masturbated to by creeps everywhere an accomplishment, and I am going to assume she does.

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