After her wedding is ruined, an upset bride travels around the world seeking out old friends.

A generous neighbor helps out a young family in need and drives a car.

A charismatic oil man with big dreams moves to California, yet butts heads with his new neighbor, a young preacher.

Things get wild and crazy at senior prom after everyone laughs at a funny prank.

A talented dancer strives to be her best and prove to her friends and family that nothing is more important than following your dreams.

A curious boy climbs a very tall tower. Surprise!

A dentist and his new apprentice travel to Candyland looking for an old friend while meeting new ones along the way.

An unexpected guest joins the crew of the commercial spaceship, Nostromo, for dinner and hijinks ensue.

With the help of his new pal, a bored office worker creates a new social club to stay fit and make friends.

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