The problem with technology is that while it has made the every day girl more of a whore willing to post half naked pics on their Instagram for all the boys to celebrate them…it has also killed off a breed of very magical girls: the street whore…which you may not really notice or feel now that you don’t have to leave your house, but it is a family tradition to hire at least one every once in a while to give back to the community and last night I drove around for hours looking for one…and when I found her, I barely wanted to fuck with her…because the kind of girl who is still hanging on and who hasn’t adapted to technology or massage parlors is the kind of girl you don’t really want to help because she’s probably better off dead, if she’s not dead already…
I think I am in love…

She’s only done this one photoshoot and she fucking kills it. She looks barely legal, from the Philippines, and already making moves in the right direction to be more relevant…according to me…because she’s naked in amazing photoshoots…unlike all the boring girls who aren’t.

She’s so tight bodied, soft looking and amazing…
The best thing about ghetto stripclubs isn’t the naked girls willing to have sex for money, it’s the memories that we can carry on this journey that is life…you know, the things you would write about in your memoir if you knew how to write, you illiterate fuck.
I am looking for love in all the wrong places…like the back alley behind the stripclub where the girls smoke…because strippers like porn chicks don’t know how to love…thanks to not having dads.
The Internet has made me soft. There was a time I’d be outside looking at whores, fucking with whores, fucking whores…but nowadays I just message them on Facebook, they ignore me, so I jerk off to their vacation pics, and we leave it at. 

Her name is Abby, her rate is Php2500 a pop and she does all her meet-ups at Pasong Tamo in Makati. When you see her, say hi to the bitch for me.
I think I need to stop fucking girls from the Internet. I should stick to fucking random weirdoes who don’t feel like they are in too deep and have to fuck me because they’ve resorted to the Internet to get cock and have gone this far…because no matter how socially acceptable e-dating is, it is humiliating for all women involved and leads to really weird personality traits, baggage and a high possibility to get murdered or my dick cut off. I’d rather risk it with crazies.
I get called a misogynist all the time, even though I love women. I don’t bother defending myself or my opinions that the general public finds to be cyber-bullying because it annoys me…unless it is in person, with a hater-babe and it gets so heated that it ends in anal. 

The feminists don’t get we are fighting the same fight here…and the best way to solve our differences is to ride my dick.
Vivid Videos is releasing a movie that may make virgin losers everywhere explode—it is “Wonder Woman XXX,” like the comic book you used to masturbate to, only the porn version, so that instead of imagining the superhero on your dick while reading the comic or watching the reruns, you can see it in action.

The interesting thing in all this is that the costume looks pretty top notch, unlike porn of the past that would involve some stripper dress and duct tape that was ripped off the second they got into the motel room. It’s almost like porn’s gone Hollywood.

I am into that merge.
Kate Beckinsale amazes me.

She’s the one 40-something-year-old mom of an 18-year-old who has booked less than five movies in her hot as fuck life…but who manages to maintain a crazy nerd following that is so loyal to her and her amazing ass that she doesn’t really have to bother doing shit. Which is really a place I like all girls to be. I mean, when you look like this, why fucking bother doing anything else?
Billie Faiers has some silly tits. Now you probably don’t know who she is, because I don’t know who she is, and even though I have this very successful website that is tapped into this world of girls who get naked for fame and fortune, I still had to Google the bitch…because this low-level slut is from the UK and on some show called “The Towie” and she doesn’t matter, but her big silly tits do, at least when they are in lingerie.

She’s 23, has the botox and plastic surgery of a 40-year-old mom and her rejuvenated vagina, and she’s posing for Nuts magazine, probably after sucking off the publisher…who likes owning things that don’t look very expensive but probably think they are expensive…because that’s how trash girls like this are…they don’t realize they are garbage.