Red Dela Cruz is nude…but she might as well be clothed, because I can’t see spread asshole or labia, so it doesn’t fucking count…but I guess the less desensitized virgin loser nerds will see all this skin and get excited their favorite girl from FHM is naked, despite not being able to see any of the parts that make her naked…but who is naked on a technicality, because she’s not in fucking clothes.

This just reminds me of this girl I dated with a meaty pussy, who was ashamed of her meaty pussy, and who I think used to tuck her meaty pussy into herself, because every time we’d have sex she’d run to the bathroom…not to mention, she also wore maxi pads every fucking day and when I asked her why, she said because it was like a pillow for her pussy…which was almost as weird as the fact that despite fucking her, I never saw her pussy. She didn’t like being eaten out…she’d let me finger her and fuck her, but the second we were done, pants were on. It fucked with my mind, because I was like “I fuck this girl, but I’ve never seen her twat.”

Only this is the nude modeling version.

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