I get so much hate mail for constantly posting pics of attention-seeker Rihanna. It’s like people fucking hate this bitch…but not me. I think she’s pretty fucking perfect.

You see, she’s a nice mix of excessive trashy thanks to growing up ghetto in the islands before being designed and crafted to be a puppet that reaches millions every fucking day…a task that is surely going to break her the fuck down eventually, and even now these little episodes, whether getting with cozy with guys who beat women, who aren’t just rumored women beaters, but dudes who have actually beat the shit out of her…or whether it is getting half-naked as often as possible because you can only assume she realizes she’s traded in her fucking soul for this life, so they might as well take her body too.

Not to mention, she’s got a lot of fans, some of which are hot babes, who will start dressing like this when they leave the house, because that’s how drone behavior works…and you know what? I dig it.

She’s falling off hard…but she’s falling off right…and she still sells millions of records and sells out concerts…so it’s a fucking win…until she Amy Winehouses herself…but it was a good run. I’m a fan.

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