Nothing says I’ve made it, at least not to gutter people who probably didn’t grow up going to the dentist, like jewelry on your teeth. It’s like a “see what can you spend silly amounts of money on that no one will really notice,” but that you don’t care they won’t notice it, because you are doing it for yourself, and because you will notice it, because least every time you try to eat a fucking apple, or talk, or pretty much do anything involving your mouth, which in Rihanna’s case varies from rubbing dick on it, to rubbing pussy on it, to getting punched in it, because she like a face full of diamonds…a face full of diamonds…a face full of diamonds…she even wrote a song about it…and I guess if people don’t notice, you can always get half naked and show them on the Internet…which is what Rihanna’s doing up in here.

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