Rihanna is awesome.

She’s taken her teen hooker to great heights, which is more than most teen hookers can say. Most of them end up either pregnant, institutionalized or dead…but rarely do they become the biggest thing in pop music…I mean, just the other day, Rihanna’s video hit 4-billion views on YouTube. Do you realize how many views that is? It’s fucking huge!

But she’s stuck true to one thing, because I can assume everything else about her is on some cunty, trashy, celebrity diva level, as it’s hard to stay grounded at her level…and that is putting the slut out there…you know, for everyone to see.

Because really, nipple rings are meant to be seen…and shirts are meant to cover up nipples…but in her wealth and enterprising whore of the people way, she’s managed to find a way to merge both together in a harmonious way…and I love it!

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