Tonight I am going to try to trick young college girls to come home with me via false promises and their stupidity. I’ll tell them I’m friends with Angel Locsin or some shit and that she’d really find them cool…all in efforts to save 50 bucks on a hooker blowjob…but I’ll fail…then I’ll come home at 4 o’clock in the morning and try to find girls to send me nudes on the Internet…waking them up to satisfy me…even though girls don’t like being woken up by a drunk guy sending “give me tits” messages on Facebook…at least not the girls I know.

RR Enriquez was smart enough at a young age to jump onto the nude modeling scene, knowing that at 18, her chances were better than at 25, because dudes like seeing 18-year-olds naked, whether they are all that hot or not.

But then she got implants, pretended to date some basketball player, got a TV hosting job, and became too big and famous to get naked for money, typical.

Well, now her show is over, her fan base almost non-existent, and her eagerness to get another TV gig probably high…but the hope is that she gets nothing, and ends up going back to nude modeling and seeing her pose for FHM in a bikini makes me think that’s probably what is going to be happening soon.

We call this a cry for male attention and an attempt to stay relevant. Next stop: spread pussy pics!

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