Apparently, not everyone is as excited about the idea of sex toy vending machines as I am. “What about the children?” is all one mother could say after a sex toy vending machine was installed on her town’s railway station:

“It is a disgrace,” said Maria Tutanella, a mother of three. “My son saw it and pointed at a huge sex toy and said: ‘Mama, what is that?’ It was a huge black dildo is what it was—and my son is four! What madness seizes people in offices that they allow this?”

A group of parents in Italy has rallied together after the incident to have the “offending” vending machine removed.
The machine, which also sells vibrators, love balls, condoms, and sexy panties, as well as big black dildos have caused quite the uproar. One parent saying: “I agree with the condoms vending machine; condoms help to prevent sexual transmissible diseases and it’s right that our children can use them. But sex toys are too much for me.”

So, you know, as long as our kids aren’t getting AIDS, but god forbid they actually enjoy sex with the help of a big black dildo. Gawd, what is the world coming to?

P.S. One of these babies should be installed in every college campus STAT.

P.P.S. Did you know there are vending machines in Japan that sell used panties? I know, right? Why don’t we have those?

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