OMG! I fucking love lingerie catalog pics…NOT. I mean, even in the 80s when all I had to jerk off to was lingerie catalog pics, I hated the shit.

Back then, they didn’t Photoshop the shit, and bikini waxes were less intense and common, so you could always see a little nipple discoloration and panty pillow, making it semi-erotic…at least compared to the shitty porn you barely had access to and music videos you needed cable to jerk off to…and National Geographic that was just far too tribal to really be all that erotic…but that still had some nipple that was good enough in your time of need…but you knew there had to be more out there…you know, dreaming that one day a hub like the Internet would come along and allow you access to all your deepest fetishes…from throat-fucking to fat chicks shitting on each other…making the lingerie catalog pic almost obsolete…until one day, 20 years in, you realize, shit…I don’t like all that hardcore shit all that much anymore, it’s kinda vile and the girls are disgusting…I wanna go back to a simpler time, a time where half-naked was all you had, when all you wanted hardcore…but now hardcore is all we have, and half-naked is all I want, and readily available.

Her name is Shanina Shaik and I am committed to her half-nakedness.

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