I just spent the last half hour looking through Google images of toilet snakes and I may never EVER be able to go to the bathroom again. I really should have thought ahead, because I really have to pee. A bucket might have to do the trick in a pinch. At least buckets don’t have pipes where things can jump out at you.

After hearing about the 35-year-old man whose penis was bitten by a snake while he was going to the bathroom, I’m rethinking about the pros and cons of never using a toilet again.

The unnamed man from Israel was visiting his parents when a snake decided to take a chunk out of his junk. The man fled the bathroom, screaming in horror, after the incident and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The hospital staff said they had never seen anything like it, adding that the snake wasn’t poisonous, but that bite marks will definitely remain on the guy’s peen.

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