There’s a lucky lady down in Veracruz, Mexico who is fucked, but not getting fucked, because her boyfriend literally put a chastity belt on her so she can’t get any.

A 25 year-old woman in excruciating pain finally dragged her ass to the police station, because she was unable to take a piss for several hours due to the padlock her boyfriend put on her jeans.

Apparently the 40-year-old boyfriend was afraid she would cheat on him. In fact, he’s been afraid of her cheating on him for the last 12 years, because that’s how long he’s been making her wear a chastity belt. It’s madness. Take out your calculators, people: he’s 40, she’s 25, they’ve been dating for 12 years. Whatever the equation, the answer is YUCK and JAIL.

Lady should have grabbed a pair of scissors, cut the jeans off, and stabbed her fucker of a boyfriend in the process, but she was too scared to do it herself. At least she had the presence of mind to go to the cops before her bladder exploded, or you know, before she peed her pants. Too bad she decided against pressing charges after dude was arrested with key in hand.

The world’s most jealous boyfriend was released after signing a statement promising to never again padlock his girlfriend’s holes or abuse her in any other way.

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