Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez make up the puppets who have been chosen amongst all the other puppets out there to brainwash the youth through their music.

So it is only natural that they are friends, or at least spend some time together, because they are both in the same boat, probably leaving some Disney executive meeting about how they are colonizing Mars behind our backs, and to keep up the dancing and dating scandals to distract us from the insane laws they keep passing under our noses, so that real journalism never sees the light of day, so that the rich can keep getting richer.

Either that or they are just milking a lesbian fantasy for you perverts who have very specific sexual needs that involve young starlets with hugely successful musical careers and enjoying lots of radio play of their horrible songs.

Or maybe, it has to do with Selena Gomez’s 21st birthday…OMG! 

I’d say more labia, but I like the titty show.

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