Are these Taylor Swift’s nipple? I just can’t tell whether I can actually see what I want to see or if my mind is just playing tricks on me because I have a thing for really rich pop stars who have made a career exposing dudes they fuck that they pretend they date because it is accessible to any girl who has ever been in love…leading to her doing all kinds of market research with her pussy in efforts to get more and more experience to sing about because that shit pays the fucking bills and makes the fucking empire an empire.

It’s like we’ve all turned this wholesome chick into a slut who sleeps around, and who is now sexing herself up as a woman, instead of an awkward teen, all from buying her music…and now out of fear of losing her magical, basic-as-fuck lyrics, she fucks and fucks and fucks…to get inspired…and there’s something amazing about that.

I am a fan.

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