I repeat: the fat one is a Sports Illustrated supermodel…but not just any Sports Illustrated supermodel…she is their biggest (literally and figuratively) supermodel. She’s been on the cover a lot because she sells magazines, in an era when magazines don’t matter, and they are milking her like the cow she is clearly modeling her body type after…her spirit animal. Even though, she’s fucking fat and has no business modeling bikinis, but I guess the world is open-minded to it since 90 percent of girls are fat pigs now…but I am the 10 percent motherfucker who wants my bikini models to not look like dumpy piles of shit.

It makes no fucking sense on a few levels, the first being why dudes like a fat girl just because she has tits. Wouldn’t it be better if Sports Illustrated found a fit girl with tits? The second being, shouldn’t Kate Upton, knowing she’s expected to be half-naked all the time since it is her job, spend days starving herself and working out? Third being, shouldn’t Sports Illustrated find a fit girl with tits instead of using this one?

If you don’t believe me, here’s another photo evidence of Kate Upton from another angle. She’s the fucking worst, fight it all you want, send in hate mail…I know I am right. Here is proof, motherfuckers…

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