Good news everybody: I’m cured! And I have even better news to share: I was never even sick to begin with!!!

Yes, according to a new study, my crippling sex addiction may not be a clinical disorder (or a real addiction) after all. As I write this, I’m on my second pint of Haagen-Dazs and I’m snorting my second line of Bolivian marching powder, so I’m hoping ice cream and cocaine addictions are also quickly disproved by science.
Scientists at UCLA studied a group of people who all reported problems controlling their sexual urges. The test subjects were hooked up to brain monitoring equipment and shown erotic images.

If sex addiction is a real physical thing, then when shown dirty pictures, the brain should be lighting up with activity linked to addiction e.g. the brain should be acting just like a coke addict getting a hit.

Instead the team found no such patterns in the brains of it’s hypersexual test subjects, leading the scientists involved to rethink the concept “sex addiction” itself. Basically, their conclusions boiled down “sex addiction” to just having a high libido and not an actual diagnosable illness.

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