The recent legalization of gay marriage in the US has made great strides for equality as it relates to sexuality. Back in the day, gay was the worst insult you could sling at someone on the schoolyard. Nowadays kids still say it, but it’s becoming more and more ignorant as our redneck brethren are being forced to realize we are increasingly living in a world where you can’t insult people for being black, or gay, or poor, or women, or one-legged. 

That being said, straight dudes the world over are still not sure if the things they’re doing are coming off as gay or whether or not that’s ok. Is it gay to wear a pink shirt? And if so, do you have to kiss a man or can you stick with your lady friends? Is it gay when a football player slaps another guy’s ass? What if he fondles his balls? Where’s the line?

The Nerdy Perv, in its increasing desire to provide public services, provides you (free of charge) with this list of events and things that you may fear make you gay, but don’t necessarily require you to kiss a dude with your tongue out.

1. Mini Cupcakes
2. Moisturizer Not Used For Masturbation Purposes
3. Harp Music
4. Fat-Free Yogurt
5. Herbal Shampoo
6. Justin Bieber
7. Hugging That Doesn’t Lead To Sex
8. Broadway Musicals
9. Touching a Dildo
10.Looking at a Dildo
11. The Word “Dildo”
12. Chicken Salad
13. Squat Thrusts
14. Sex with Miley Cyrus
15. Making Out with Dudes

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