Yes, of course! Insane mass murderers, serial killers and spree slayers did exist before the 1900s. You may have heard a lot about modern-day serial killers like Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy but surprisingly, these serial killers had much less of a chance of getting away with murder. Before the 1900s, serial killers could easily avoid being caught or found out due to lack of technology and even superstition. Many serial killers in historic times were never caught and remained active. 


Nicknamed after her flaring red hair, La Quintrala was tried for 40 murders during the 1600s in Chile. La Quintrala became well known due to her involvement in colonial domination, exploitation and misconduct. La Quintrala occupied herself with slashing slaves. She is also notorious for poisoning a chicken and then feeding it to her father with intent to poison him.


Gilles Garnier (also known as The Werewolf of Dole) was a French serial killer and cannibal. He was convicted a werewolf rather than a murderer which is not surprising since he lived during the 1500s. Shortly after being married, he struggled to find food for himself and his wife which encouraged him to cannibalize. Gilles confessed to have stalked four children and murdered them. 


Elizabeth Bathory, known as “The Blood Countess” was said to have been responsible for up to 650 killings in Hungary during the 1500s. After years of research, investigators suggest she may have been a victim of a conspiracy as many of the accusations were politically inclined. She was never sentenced to death but was imprisoned by her family until she was found dead by a guard in 1614.


Although a convicted murderer of young children, Gilles de Rais was also a Breton Knight and a leader of the French Army during the 1400s. After officially retiring from military life, Gilles became interested in black magic. As a result of his satanic interest, his serial killing began. After murdering at least 80 children between the ages of 6 and 16, Gilles de Rais was sentenced to death by hanging and burning.


Thug Behram was a well known assassin in India who lived during the late 1700s. He is suspected of murdering a staggering amount of people which takes the toll for the most victims in recorded serial killer history with 931 victims. He spent 50 years committing these acts of homicide by strangulation using a ceremony cloth. Thug Behram was part of a cult which was responsible for many vicious acts of robbery, assassinations and serial murder. 

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