Girls are sluts now…more than ever…begging for threesomes…fat chicks begging for “The D”…and they all get it…which for someone like me, with no soul, I appreciate soulless bitches, at least in conversation, pictures and videos…even when not very attractive…but then again, I also like giving homeless chicks gynecological exams with my mouth…and making crackheads dance…and my favorite thing is trying to make lesbians, eat my ass like it was my man-pussy. We’re all allowed to have hobbies…even us degenerates.

But it turns out that inviting lesbians you’ve never met before to shower with you is a bad strategy to get them to actually shower with you…even if you suggest you keep your underwear on. Apparently they find it creepy and are only into showering with you if you don’t actually tell them your intentions in advance. Get your freak on tonight with those words of wisdom. You may have a better chance showering with lesbians you’ve never met.

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