As much as I love talking about myself, hating on hot bitches, calling girls fat, complaining about my life, lusting after 18-year-olds, getting drunk and dirty, and hating all the idiots that make up this great land, I do think it is my duty as a guy with such a huge Internet following to do some good with it…you know, try to help people, inspire people, or even change the world and make it a better place

I was named after Jesus Christ’s earthly parents after all, so I need to do some hero shit to live up to it.

So my friend referred me to MARING HABAGAT as a charity of choice to help the people of the Philippines rebuild their lives after Typhoon Maring tore through the archipelago.

Call Yolly Abadilla (0932.8472978), Eian Canlas (0927.4061671) and my main man Basti Vasquez (0932.8711600) for more info on the project.

Donate something. Do your part. If you don’t, you’re a selfish asshole.

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