Casey Jenkins is a performance artist and “craftivist” who every day shoves a thing of wool up her twat and is knitting a period-stained, lady jizz-covered scarf in front of people at a gallery. 

Australian performance artist Casey Jenkins doesn’t only have a gift for making her hair look like a toddler with arthritis cut it with a pair of rusty safety scissors while jumping on a trampoline. She also has a gift for turning her vagina into a bottomless knitting bag. For about six years, 34-year-old Casey has run the Craft Cartel, a group of artists who mix crafting with political activism. For her latest piece called “Casting Off My Womb” Casey is spending 28 days knitting wool out of her coochie. You’d think that shoving a bunch of wool up your pussy would give you a serious case of the itches, like you just got fucked by Gerard Butler, but Casey claims it’s only slightly uncomfortable and sometimes she gets the tingles while klitting (on purpose typo). And when Casey gets her period, she keeps on going and knits out a scarf made with love and extra-gushy crotch berries.

“The performance wouldn’t be the performance if I were going to cut out my menstrual cycle from it. For starters when I’m menstrating it makes knitting a hell of a lot harder, because the wool is wet and so you have to kind of yank at it.”

I’m all over kunt knitting, because the world definitely needs more scarves that smell like wet wool marinating in a twat (a.k.a. like a mixture of Paris Hilton and a rotting sheep). 

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