Avril Lavigne is doing some ‘90s throwback video…you know, I guess a tribute to back when she as actually 15 and not 18 years later when she dresses and pretends she’s 15 because it makes her money.

It is some Tank Girl theme…something 15-year-olds probably have never heard of…and more importantly, it’s starring Winnie Cooper from “The Wonder Years” TV show in some shiny panties…showing off her vagina definition.

I appreciate Winnie Cooper’s labia…but I really wasn’t down with her or all the hype she had as the love interest in “The Wonder Years,” not that I’ve revisited that show since it was taken off the air, but I remember wanting to fuck the sister, one of his blonde girlfriends…but this frigid neighbor who never committed or put out, plus her stupid bangs just pissed me off.

But I guess like every uptight chick from high school, she’s managed to grow up into an attention-seeking slut…you know, in efforts to get the attention she once had and I endorse that…because it’s better than when the hot chick from high school gets married, has a dozen kids, and develops an Oreo addiction to deal with her shitty life.

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