After 50-year-old Veloz Fior de Pichardo was arrested at Miami-Dade International Airport with a stash of cocaine, she was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center where a nurse mistakenly decided that Pichardo was a man and placed her in the general population with male prisoners.

As to how the unusual mistake was made, one officer wrote:

“Inmate Pichardo was medically screened during the initial intake process. Due to inmate Pichardo’s non-traditional male characteristics, he is classified as a PREA (special cell) candidate. Pichardo was evaluated by medical staff nurse H. It was determined that Pichardo has male sexual reproductive organs.”

Her family learned of the situation and demanded that Pichardo be reassessed; a second examination determined that she was actually a female.

According to NBC Miami, Pichardo registered a complaint:

“I feel offended because they have offended my integrity as a woman…doubting me if I have changed my sex and I take off my clothes many times and ask me why I have done it…I’m telling them no. They’re causing my pressure to elevate, because I was taken to a male jail and I’m a woman. I had to enter the same bathroom. Nobody has abused me physically but psychologically yes.”

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