Crystal Brooks, 33, had been drinking with her boyfriend, Santiago Hernandez, 41, and a friend when the group decided to get some food, except she became angry when her boyfriend refused to go where she wanted.

Allegedly Brooks desired to stop at McDonald’s and when Hernandez refused to stop at the Golden Arches, she asked him to pull over. After pulling over, he exited the vehicle and Brooks climbed into the driver’s seat, then proceeded to drive into her boyfriend, knocking him to the ground, reports The Smoking Gun.

She then allegedly hit Hernandez, the father of her child, two more times with the pickup truck. Brooks denied hitting him, claiming he had jumped onto the hood of the car, but Hernandez was covered in abrasions and his clothes had been torn, which police state is consistent with being dragged and hit by the car. Brooks was arrested for aggravated assault.

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