If your reaction upon seeing a police officer is to fall to the ground in the fetal position and then threaten them with voodoo and sex, odds are you’re probably going to trigger their suspicions. After all, nothing says “I like meth” quite like asking your arresting officer to fuck you for money.

Police approached 31-year-old Patricia Frady after receiving complaints from a market clerk in Winder, Georgia. She had been threatening the clerk’s children while paying for her items, and when she heard one of the officer’s radios, she immediately turned to them and asked, “are you guys here for me?”

The officers told her she wasn’t in trouble and they just wanted to talk to her. Rather than play it cool and act like a sane, law bidding person, she fell to the ground and started banging her head around. Charming!

To protect themselves and the woman from injury, they handcuffed her and put her in the back of a squad car. With pretending to be sane no longer an option, she threatened them with voodoo and then licked the windows while offering oral sex to the officers. Because that always works, right?

After a lot of kicking, screaming and sexual advances, the officers realized Frady might have something to hide. They discovered there was a warrant out for her arrest, so they informed her she was going to be taken to jail and called for backup. She was still licking windows while mumbling vague voodoo threats when a police corporal showed up.

When she saw the high-ranking officer, the woman yelled, “Hey, I know you! Pay me money and I will fuck you.” We can only imagine she’s fucked her way out of trouble before. Sadly, this time she was processed and taken to jail.

While she was being booked, police discovered drug paraphernalia including a small silver pipe and a small baggie of what they believed to be meth. She was charged with disorderly conduct and probation violations, but nothing was said of the sexual advances she made at her arresting officers. Perhaps they took her up on a few of her offers?

What happens in jail stays in jail.

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