I love a good sexual publicity stunt, especially when it involves having sex with an extremely large number of people. I’m not sure why, but the sluttier a girl is and the more people she has fucked, the more turned on I get.

A hot Polish cam girl named Ania Lisewska has set her goal sky-high and is on a mission to bang 100,000 men. The Araneta Coliseum, the Philippines’ largest indoor venue, seats 15,000 people and the thought of selling out those seats plus doing a 85,000 person encore is super overwhelming to my libido.

100,000 dudes is a whole lot of penis to deal with and that number seems nearly impossible to reach, even if Ania has a strict time limit of 20 minutes per bone. If she works for 8 hours a day with minimal breaks, that’d be 24 fucks a day. If she works 5 days a week, she’d be able to fuck 6,240 cocks per year. When you divide that by her man-meat goal of 100,000…this is sadly going to take well over 15 years for Ania’s greedy pussy to accomplish.

The Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t usually keep track of things with a sexual nature, but you figure that if she’s keeping a log of the guys she’s banged so far and she’s doing things the right way so that the record can be verified, she’s definitely got to be awarded something from somebody at the end of her one-woman sexual revolution.

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